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Mineral Foundation Application Tips

How to properly apply your Loose Mineral Foundation

The key to achieving a flawless face is all in the application. 

Always apply mineral makeup to a clean, moisturized face and be sure to allow the moisturizer time to properly absorb.  Tap desired amount of loose mineral foundation into the lid of the mineral container and dip your kabuki brush into the powder a couple of times to pack the powder in.  Swirl the brush in the lid and gently tap the side of the brush to remove any excess. Use a continuous circular motion and consistent pressure to apply the powder to your face.  Repeat until you have achieved the desired coverage.  For beginners it is easiest to apply to one side of your face at a time, starting at the jaw line and working your way in.  Remember, less is more when using our concentrated formulas and buffing is the key to achieving a natural look.  You will know if you used too much product if the foundation looks cakey or is accentuating fine lines.

If you are using your Loose Mineral Foundation as a concealer now is the time to apply it.  Using your concealer brush apply the minerals by gently pressing the brush onto your under eyes, chin, nose or anywhere you need extra coverage.

If you have oily skin you may want to apply a mineral finishing powder all over your entire face using light circular motions or, for combination skin, apply only to the T-zone (or where you get shine) using a smaller fluffy brush.  The mineral powder veil can also be used as a primer by lightly dusting on your face before applying foundation.  It can also be used as a shadow primer by applying to the eyelids with a small fluffy brush before applying your eyeshadow.

Lilywhite Organics Mineral Makeup is very versatile, forgiving, and simple to use.  Remember that you should not be intimidated by your mineral makeup. Play around, have fun and find the technique that works best for you!